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  • Prebuilt Alien Coils by JonesnBuilds

Prebuilt Alien Coils by JONESNBUILDS

  • Prebuilt Alien Coils by JonesnBuilds
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Prebuilt Alien Coils by JONESNBUILDS

By popular demand JONESNBUILDS has released his own line of custom made coils! These are built by the man himself @jonesn_builds! Follow him on instagram to see his coil building mastery! 

Prebuilt Alien Coils Specs:

The Alien Coils are made of three 28g nichrome80 cores wrapped in 36g nichrome80! The builds are 5 wraps with a 3mm Internal diameter. The dual coils resistance of of the Alien coils will come out to 0.16Ω.

Prebuilt Alien Coils Installation Tips from JonesNBuilds:

If using a regulated device I've found it easier to install one coil and get it firing evenly then installing the second coil. This helps ensure that the resistance will be high enough to fire on most regulated devices. When dry firing the coils, DO NOT use high wattages, coils tend to have hot spots when first installed and trying to fire them at high wattages will direct all the current to the hot spot and can potentially cause the coil to break. When working out hot spots during dry firing, gently "rake" the coils with ceramic tweezers or a small screw driver it will help getting out small hotspots that may be tough to get out by just pinching and heating.

Prebuilt Alien Coil Maintenance:

When rewicking, heat up the coils until hot and run some water over them to remove and residual gunk that may be built up on the coils. Some people take a small wire brush and gently brush the coils to get off gunk as well. With routine cleaning and proper maintenance these coils can easily last months before needing to remove them and rebuilt.

Prebuilt Alien Coils Package Contents:

  • (2) Prebuilt Alien Coils 
  • (1) Mini Glass Jar with Cork Top

Please note: These coils are made for advanced users. VAPEHAPPY is not responsible for damaged coils due to improper use or installation. 

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